Together we will lower the price of gas
Please DO NOT BUY GAS on this specified date:
  Wednesday, Nov 27th, 2012 is the next official
"Do Not Buy Gas" date.
Word of mouth and this site will unite the
American public in a grassroots effort to
reduce the cost of gasoline and fuel oil.
Suggestions we all can try to reduce our
$ per day cost of gasoline and fuel oil.
  • Economize & Conserve.
  • Make your housing energy efficient.
  • Car pool, Drive Hybrid cars.
  • Recycle and reduce waste.
  • Participate in 'Do Not Buy Gas' days.
Please make a pledge to help build awareness to this
site and to promote future "Do Not Buy Gas" events.
We will make a difference.
Thank You !
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Don't buy gas
Do not buy gas