Our concern is the price of gas that we all have to pay when we go to the pumps.
Gasoline is a necessity for our primary means of transportation. The residents of
The United States of America are being victimized by the oil company's freedom
to inflate prices at will.
Prior to September 11th 2001, the price of gas was about $1.25 per gallon. This
was only
10 years ago. Since then, the cost to the consumer has been constantly
rising. Our mission is to bring the price of gas at the pumps back down to $2.00
per gallon.
From Thursday September 1st 2005 to Friday September 2nd 2005 the price of
a gallon of gas jumped one full dollar !  Surely this is the oil companies way to
take advantage of the Labor Day weekend travellers. This sudden gouge into
our wallets was the incident that got everyone's attention. Now we are forced to
unite and voice our concerns

Do Not Buy Gas.com is committed to being the voice of the public.
Do Not Buy Gas is a group of jolly boys and girls that is making a grass roots movement toward
lowering the price of gas. We reside in Dutchess County, New York. We are willing to spend our
time and efforts to lobby in favor of the American people. The windfall profits that oil companies have
acquired, the lack of price control, and the uncertainty of the effects this problem will have on all
other retail products, drives us to be outspoken and determined to make a change. We all work hard
for our money ! Now we all have to work hard to be heard ! Support this site. Be vocal. We must unite.
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